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OMG - My Blog!

Hey there fellow COWs. Mike Cohen speaking. I have not posted to the ol' blog for a while thanks to numerous varied activities.

iBooks Authoring

Cine-Med has three main functions: media production, publishing and meeting/event management. I get involved in a little of everything. Seeing as we have 20+ books in print, and Apple has provided a great authoring tool in iBooks Author, we have taken the plunge into multi-touch ebook authoring.

The nomenclature is a bit wishy washy. Meet the Press on NBC advertised its free "ebook" available on the iBokstore. It is in fact an iBook (made with iBooks author and viewable only on an iPad). NASA promoted its iBook - same thing, different name. Even Apple does not refer to books made with iBooks Author as "iBooks" in the paid iTunes account contract, but rather multimedia ebooks.

When the iPad came out a few years back, Apple promised that it would support multimedia ebooks, although at the time nobody knew what that meant.

Anyhoo, now a multimedia ebook is an iBook, which is basically the ePub standard on steroids but of course it only works in iBooks the app.

We have one book in the store:

With another three in the works.

We also have been using iBooks Author as a unique presentation tool.

Nursing Education

We kicked off February with the first of several planned video shoots for our every growing library of videos for operating room nurses.

These we shoot on an EX1 and an EX3 which perform great in the varied shooting situations from brightly lit operating rooms to conference rooms and offices. On this shoot we rented a Fujinon HD lens costing roughly 3x as much as the camera itself - it is a thing of beauty.

Conveniently enough, we left town the day before the day before the Blizzard of 2013. Inconveniently, when I arrived home, the fantastic plowing company did their job according to the assumption that I drive a motorcycle (which I do not):

Conference Planning

Cine-Med's meeting management division handles events ranging from a low of 8 to a high of 800 attendees. Our larger meetings cover topics including Diabetic Limb Salvage, Abdominal Wall Reconstruction, Breast Cancer and Amputation Prevention. In a couple of weeks I'm off to LA for DFCON 2013 - the International Diabetic Foot Conference. My role will be still photography of the main sessions and award ceremonies, shooting video testimonials with attendees and presenters, making daily photo slideshows to run during breaks, real-time social media updates and general oversight of audiovisual operations.

As usual, whenever I travel somewhere I make sure to have a decent camera. You never know when you will catch a memorable shot. Here are a couple from along the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey:

Sometimes you can get a good shot from your own backyard. I've been experimenting with long exposures of the night sky:

For good measure, I participating in shooting a comedic short with some creative folks right here in CT. I contributed to the script and operated boom:

Ok, that brings us up to the present. Since JJ Abrams stole my next project out from under me, I'll have to create my own space opera. Stay tuned for that.

Seriously, thanks for reading.

Mike Cohen

Posted by: Mike Cohen on Mar 7, 2013 at 6:09:35 pm ibook, live events

Event Planning

For the past 8 months we have been planning the International Consensus Summit for Sleeve Gastrectomy, also known as ICSSG. This is the 4th such event that we have been managed. My particular role has been coordinating live surgery broadcasts and overseeing some or all of the audiovisual footprint.

For those of you who are not long time readers, Sleeve Gastrectomy is an operation performed for the treatment of morbid obesity. Related procedures such as Duodenal Switch, revisions from Gastric Bypass or Banding and newer procedures such as Jejuno-Ileal Interposition as well as reduced port surgeries and the use of novel technologies continue to evolve these treatment options. The more options, the more there is a need for a meeting of the minds every so often.

Year 1 was 2007 in New York. We rented the Hudson Theater for one day and the French Institute theater the other two days. We had 4 live surgery cases from the US and South America, as well as some XDCAM HD recordings broadcast on an HD projector. The live surgery planning only started a few weeks out and it came down to the wire.

Year 2 was 2009 in Miami. We were at the historic Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, in one of the ballrooms previously used for such performers as Sinatra and Dean Martin. It was an amazing location for a meeting. This time we had 7 live surgery cases and we were in the same room for all three days of the meeting, with maybe 300 attendees.

Here's the live blog of the event:

It is interesting reading these old blog posts.

In somewhat related news, earlier this year the short lived Starz tv series "Magic City" portrayed a fictionalized version of the Fontainebleau's early days in the 1950's. A good friend of mine scored a small role as a fight announcer in one of the episodes:

Year 3 was back in New York at the Crowne Plaza. This time around we had 15 live cases and we also managed the AV including setup, operation and breakdown. You can read all about it here:

Now year 4 is at the Marriott Marquis, also in New York, and it takes place next week.

We have had a few site visits and we have a much larger team working on this one. I selected an AV vendor to manage the video and audio, and have once again been coordinating the live surgery. This time we have between 20-25 cases from the US, Mexico, Brazil, Czech Republic, Japan, Belgium, France, Australia and Italy. This should be very exciting.

I'll post pics and clips after the fact.

There is still time to attend:

See you there.

Mike Cohen

Posted by: Mike Cohen on Dec 1, 2012 at 4:41:00 pm live events

Waiting for the Main Event

Ok. It's Thanksgiving. Helped my mom prepare dinner for 14 people, and found a way to shoot some stills and video along the way.

The main event is not dinner however. It is next week's big medical meeting we are putting on.

I just responded to an email from Sao Paulo, and was exchanging messages with Kuwait last night. We have people from 30 countries attending this meeting, and about 30 US states are represented as well.

I finalized the audiovisual gear - 9x12 screens with DLP projectors, audio, video switcher and lots o cables. We are doing a live switch to tape and plan to record direct to disk using OnLocation. As long as we are bringing our cameras and decks we might as well take an editing system along for the ride too. In theory this will save 24 hours of digitizing later.

Yesterday we added a satellite truck to the mix. I will leave it to that crew to figure out how to run cables from Times Square to the 4th floor ballroom!

So this is the main event. T minus 7 days and counting.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Cohen

PS - This post was written on my phone - don't worry, I already helped set the table!

Posted by: Mike Cohen on Nov 25, 2010 at 11:35:36 amComments (3) Live events

I have a passion for my job, which entails training for medical professionals such as surgeons, nurses and administrators, not to mention various industries.

Technology is great, but how you apply your skills is what pays the bills.

Years ago I canceled my Media 100 support contract upon discovering what a treasure trove of helpful advice can be found on the Creative COW website. I am proud to be a part of this fantastic community.

In my blog I talk a little about media production, a lot about travel and workflow, and occasionally about cooking, nature and my four-legged friends.

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