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DSLR: A New Beginning

A fruitful career is filled with new opportunities for learning and improvement. Over the years I have taken still photos with a variety of point and shoot cameras, both film and digital.

A few of the book covers and many of the catalogs, brochures, videos and websites we have produced have included these images. This year we are releasing a book that is chock full of color photos. All of the images in the draft layout were video stills grabbed off a dvd we released previously. For this project we determined it was time to take our stills to the next level.

We chose the Canon EOS 7d as our DSLR camera. The stills and HD video capability appeared to be a good combination of features and benefits. The results so far have been great. The stills come out of the camera at 48" x 72" at 72ppi - plenty of resolution for printing in an 8x10" textbook. The auto focus includes a clever grid system for targeting the subject and honestly the auto exposure is a pleasure.

(note - click the images that follow for not quite the native size but pretty big)

I also spent a day shooting on auto, partial and full manual, in both bright lighting and darkened operating rooms. Once you find a setting that works in the situation, it is best to stick with it. In the dark, focus is not always what you think it is going to be so check your work often.

As for the 1080 HD video - a tripod or other stabilizing rig would be helpful. In the testing environment, which is a common setting for us, a tripod is unlikely, so a future Zacuto or other brand handgrip or shoulder mount may be in order.

The following is only a test. Please stand by for further instructions.

(please watch full screen - displaying it at small size to fit the page layout result in cropping)

For more on DSLR video, please visit the eponymous forum.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Cohen

Posted by: Mike Cohen on Jan 29, 2010 at 8:44:26 pmComments (1) dslr, photography, mark ii, eos 7d, canon mark ii, canon eos

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