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Art for Art's Sake?

Talking to a fellow media professional recently, and they commented that the type of art they prefer to do now is simply for artistic expression rather than for communication. And that got me thinking about what the role of art in our (often) very utilitarian profession is and should be. I guess I default towards art only being a worthwhile investment when it clearly communicates. And yet I'm beginning to feel that there may be value to self-expression that doesn't have as its primary goal communication. Exploring and discoveirng - that's how our craft is honed, and how our creative ideas get fuel to grow. Sculpters learn through practice. Painters wield their brush to bring forth many a picture that no one sees. Writers scribble ideas, musings and thoughts in their personal journals. Can't video artists create just for the sake of learning and personal growth? I'm not saying you won't communicate - art naturally springs from your worldview and philosophy. You might have a very clear message come through your work. I just wonder if maybe sometimes we need to create simply to create, grow and learn. So in that vein, here's a title sequence from the OFFF 2007 Title opening - yeah, it had a purpose and was created for commercial reasons, but it's a fun and inspiring look at artistic styles and trends. So watch, be inspired, and create!

Lighting Faces

Watch this.When you first watch through the commercial, you hardly notice the faces, but on the second run, watch differently. Pause on the clearly seen face shots and identify whether the lighting is hard, soft, motivated, unmotivated, stylistic or natural. It's amazing how a light's color and texture can so tranform the feel of a scene.

Posted by: Julia Camenisch on Jun 28, 2007 at 5:06:28 pmComments (1) commercials

I hate painting

...and I hate cleaning up afterwards. Just thinking about the massive clean-up effort after this Sony Bravia Commercial makes me tired. But all that being said, when you see an amazingly executed commercial, do you ever wonder how they did it? Take a look at this behind the scenes short and you'll discover how.

Posted by: Julia Camenisch on May 26, 2007 at 7:32:35 amComments (1) commercials

There is such a thing as free quality music...

Wow. I just got done listening to music at, and was quite impressed with the quality/price ratio. Only seven bucks for these songs? I don't know how this company makes a profit, but if you need some music, get it from here before they raise their prices! In fact, if you use this address:, you get one free song for opening an account. Hey, don't be slow in clicking that link. Do it now! You can always come back and finish reading this blog later...

Posted by: Julia Camenisch on May 1, 2007 at 12:22:26 pm editing, business, commercials

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