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Makin' the Sun using Video Copilot Orb

Here's a tutorial for creating a 3D Sun in After Effects using Video Copilot's excellent free Orb plugin.  The video starts builds on an earlier Andrew Kramer tutorial for creating a solar surface, but then applies the textures to VC Orb and adds a corona or halo and uses particles and another Video Copilot plugin Saber (also free) to add solar flares.

(I uploaded this video a little while ago, so apologies if you've seen it already, but I realised I hadn't blogged about it.)

Video Copilot links:

Video Copilot's free Orb plugin:

Color Vibrance:


Seamless Sphere tutorial:

Makin' Mercury using CC Sphere:

Project file:

Expression used:

X = time*-50;
Y = 0;

Posted by: Graham Quince on Aug 24, 2019 at 8:14:25 pm Video copilot, Orb, expressions, sun

Here you'll find a bunch of tutorials for using After Effects (mainly). I have a YouTube channel, called ShiveringCactus (long story - not funny anymore) where I post the videos.
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