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Filmmaker Builds His Own Film Ranch

Filmmaker Tim Cash, owner of FarfromEarth Films, built his own two and a half acre film ranch in Bend, Oregon. Located in the center of the state, his ranch offers studio facilities as well as the scenic beauty of the Oregon landscape. “We’ve managed to bring clients to Bend from all over the globe,” Cash says, “including Korea, Canada and the Caribbean. Bend, Oregon is an easy place to sell to people. Just send them a few pics of the Sisters, Smith Rock and neighboring waterfalls, and they are sold.”

Music Videos
Recently Cash has been focusing his creative efforts almost entirely on music videos. “I love the process of music videos: the chance to be artistic and the need to come up with new and creative ideas with every project, and never do the same thing twice. I found other gigs a bit more monotonous.” Cash says that the TV shows and business promos he had been working on became pretty formulaic. “Music videos,” he says, “give me the chance to experiment with lighting, angles, color, art, direction. I feel like I learn more with every music video than I did in all the years before.”

Cash came to focus on music videomaking gradually. “At a certain point in my career about three years ago I had done quite a few music videos, but it was still just a third of the business. I was working for a TV show on the Outdoor Channel called Adventure Guides and got to travel the world and shoot and edit the series.” Cash decided to move on. “Right as the music videos were taking off I decided to quit the show and start branding myself as a music video maker.”


Filmmaker Builds His Own Film Ranch Republished by Bob Gillen

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Aug 22, 2012 at 9:34:34 am

Creative Collaboration in the Edit Process

When Baz Luhrmann shot the epic film Australia, he also put together a series of video documentaries on the process of making the film. All ten of the videos are available as free downloads on the Apple iTunes site. The series, called Set to Screen, is a superb walk-through from original concept, through location, production, sound and costume design, to shooting, to editing and music.

Baz Luhrmann on editing: “The real act of making the movie happens when you bring together all those disparate pieces: the film; how you will use music; the sound; how you will structure it; how scenes you absolutely thought would work, don’t; how scenes that don’t, absolutely do work.”

And Australia editor Mike McCusker: “An editor, in the best case scenario, has the potential to be part of almost a writing collaboration.” He calls it a “creative collaboration.”

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Aug 16, 2012 at 2:16:44 pm

Script Supervising and Storytelling

Script supervisor and writer/storyteller Gillian Felix is producing a one-hour television drama titled Family Portrait. She talked to us about her experiences on set and in story creation.

Script Supervision
A script supervisor has several key responsibilities, according to Felix. “Continuity! In addition to matching make-up, props and wardrobe, we are responsible for paying close attention to the way actors exit and leave a scene, whether there is dialogue in the scene, do they exit camera left or right and who is closest to the camera.”

She goes on to say, “Script supervisors’ notes are the editor’s bible. We are the ones on set who see how it all goes down, and our notes help the editor paste the film together.”

She says that breaking down the script is another of her responsibilities. “It is without a doubt that we have to know the script backwards and upside down to be effective at our job.”

Script Supervising and Storytelling Republished by Bob Gillen

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Aug 8, 2012 at 11:57:21 am

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