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Animator Lauren Brown

We talked to animator Lauren Brown, a self-proclaimed animation nerd, about her work. Brown presently works as an animation supervisor. She recently earned a Masters in Animation and Digital Arts from USC. Brown’s skills include animating, stop motion, editing, image manipulation and production. You can see her reel here.

Here are her insightful answers to our questions, as well as an extensive list of resources she recommends. Enjoy.

Let’s start with the story. Is story just as critical in animation as it is in live film? Are there different themes or different approaches required for an animated story?

The importance of story really depends on who you ask. Animation has the ability to tell a complex story as well as act as an emotional conduit and a moving painting. Story is only one element of filmmaking and a filmmaker can choose which elements he or she wishes to focus on. Perhaps visual beauty is more important, or emotional arc or capturing one moment in time.

It is important to note that in general, people look for stories in their media, so even if you do not provide a clear narrative that most of your audience will understand in the same way, people may interpret one from your film.

Can a filmmaker show off his/her skill in a piece as short as :30 or :60?

You can absolutely tell a story or show your skill in a short piece. Commercials are usually under a minute and can be very wonderful visual experiments and can tell very impactful, simple stories. Many animation exercises are only a few seconds in length. An animator can look at a few seconds of animation to determine your technical skill level in that method.

However, showing your story chops usually requires more than a few seconds. Short form films require different approaches to story than feature length ones because you have to hold the audience for different lengths of time and different elements are required to keep people involved.

In the age of YouTube, a short piece is a great way to share your ideas and talent and experiment with animation and visual effects. Use online animation forums and groups to get honest feedback on your work.


Animator Lauren Brown Republished by Bob Gillen

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Oct 26, 2011 at 8:25:21 pm

One-Page Filmmaking Contest

Here’s a forward from UK filmmaker and author Chris Jones. Sounds like a terrific opportunity.

One-Page Film Maker Challenge… Are YOU Up For It?

Four Days In August…
Our 1 page screenplay competition is now closed and the winner will be announced on Friday. At that point, the script will be made available for YOU to make.
You have fourteen days to complete it and upload to us.
There are great prizes up for grabs, including cash, tickets to the London Screenwriters’ Festival and the judges are AMAZING! Including Paul Greengrass (Bourne franchise director) Philip Bloom (DSLR guru) and Jeremy Bolt (big shot Hollywood producer).
Now here is the GREAT news. The script is world class, kick ass terrific! How do I know? Well I have read the twelve finalists and EVERY one of them is great. The first one I read moved me to tears… That’s when I knew we were on to something extraordinary…
If you have ever entered a film challenge before you will know it’s usually the script that lets you down – it’s crazy to write a script in a few hours and rush out and shoot it there and then. It may be great for energy, but it’s NOT great for considered work that shows off what you can REALLY do.
Of course it also means that all your competitors have the same script to work from. So the winner of the Film Challenge is really going to succeed because they were the best film makers. You can’t blame the script. ;-)
And what an amazing experiment too, to explore how other film makers interpret the same material.
OK, if you want to participate… AND YOU SHOULD! Join the email list here…
…and we will send you information in the coming days…
GOOD LUCK! It’s going to be awesome!
Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author 

One-Page Filmmaking Contest Republished by Bob Gillen

Posted by: Bob Gillen on Oct 5, 2011 at 10:49:28 am

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