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Magazine Article Correction - Re: YouTube & Flash

So, it appears YouTube Caught on to the tests that I and many others were doing to find the best FLV settings for YouTube.

Up until recently, you were able to upload FLV's to You Tube without them messing with (i.e., compressing) your videos. Alas, they decided to change that. It's too bad too because you were able to get some really high-Qulaity video on line. Now they convert Flash FLV's too.

Here are some samples of tests I did before it got shut down - hit more info by each video to see the settings I used:

Medium Quality:

High Quality:

Anyway, with that out of commision, I found that WMV's did pretty well when uploaded and converted - especially compared to MOV's which not only looked bad, but also suffered from A/V synch issues. 

Posted by: Aharon Rabinowitz on Mar 26, 2007 at 6:50:25 amComments (2) technology, magazines

Adobe asks: "What's in the Box?"

So this viral video showed up on You tube:

 Clearly Adobe is planning something big. Only time will tell...

Posted by: Aharon Rabinowitz on Mar 8, 2007 at 4:04:42 pmComments (3) photoshop, after effects, flash, technology, adobe

Good, Funny Music that's both free and for Pay?!

So my radio alarm clock woke me up yesterday to the sound of the news. That's not surprising since whenever I set it to do that, it usually does. But the news story was about a musician named Jonathan Coulter (actually, that isn't his name - they got it wrong).

He gives a lot of his music away for free but still makes money selling it - proving the music industry is wrong about all these security measures in our downloadable music.

I managed to find the music of Jonathan Coulton (his real name) eventually, and it's really funny and it's good music to boot. his site is:

Not that he's a copy or anything like that, but if you like They Might Be Giants I think you'll like his stuff. He changes his style in every song, and the subject matter is usually bizzare or just funny observations about the world and people.

Posted by: Aharon Rabinowitz on Mar 6, 2007 at 10:25:35 amComments (1) music

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