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Guy Kawasaki Keynote from TAP2013


We were pleased to host Guy Kawasaki as that the opening keynote at the TAP! 2013 Conference. Guy is the author of What the Plus!, Enchantment, and ten other books. Guy is also the co-founder of, an online magazine rack of popular topics on the web. Previously, he was the chief evangelist of Apple.

Guy presented on his new book APE — Author • Publisher • Entrepreneur. He’ll share his vision on how the publishing process has changed – and what opportunities lie ahead.

Here is Guy's inspirational keynote. And it's ready to share, republish, and spread. Help get out message out.

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Guy Kawasaki Keynote from TAP2013 Republished by Richard Harrington

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Jan 19, 2013 at 11:30:00 pm Social MediaBusinessDigital Publishing

Free Webinar – Finding Your Audience Tribes in a Hyper-Social Digital World


The widespread use of social networks has fundamentally changed how human beings connect and communicate.

In this free webinar, TAP! speaker Alexandra Gebhardt will help you learn how to find your audience ‘tribes’ so you can maximize the impact and exposure of your content and connect with your readers.

We will review the differences in behavior, language, and culture across various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. You will leave understanding how to fine-tune your content to appeal to the passion and tribe of each audience, the inherent traits that make us ‘human’ and encourage us to help, create conversations, and take action.

You will also learn how to think differently about your target audience and find creative ways to attract new readers who are excited about your content.

Register for FREE here.

Check out the whole TAP!2013 conference.

Posted by: Richard Harrington on Oct 28, 2012 at 1:21:43 pm Social MediaBusinessDigital Publishing

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