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Avid Media Composer 5

We’ve just upgraded our Avid editing software to Media Composer 5! We love new toys and this latest instalment in the Mac Million arsenal is really exciting – ‘the fastest, most powerful editing tool available’. Avid truly is the industry standard and is the platform that most movies and TV is edited on. Between our Avid and Adobe systems, we are now pretty much ready for any project that comes through the door.

Avid have introduced drag-and-drop editing meaning that even a Final Cut or Premiere jRO junkie can benefit from Avid’s brilliant features. Media Composer 5 can work with a huge number of formats without any problems…

Our first project on the Avid is already under-way, it is mini documentary about hat designers for a charity auction in September in the aid of Homeless charities.

And no more tedious transcoding of video shot on certain digital media. I say ‘tedious transcoding’ only because the general public would find the array of different video formats and the hows and whys of their use incredibly tedious. However to the type of geek that enjoys making a living from modern, digital video post-production, it is anything but. That is why we’re also thrilled about our recent upgrade to Canopus’ ProCoder 3.

ProCoder is the leading software transcoder and can take pretty much any type of video and turn it into another type, quickly and easily. It makes the hard work of dealing with regional formats (differences in size, speed and picture) a piece of cake and is an exceedingly handy tool of our trade.

In the office we have already started dreaming of to getting hold of the Matrox MX02 for HD video monitoring and a HUGE pair of monitors to stick on the wall! Then a new Canon XF305 which can shoot full HD video at a remarkable 50Mbps onto 2 swappable CF cards! After that a set of LED production lights! an HP Z800 with Nvidia Quadro FX5800!…honestly the shopping list is endless!

Posted by: Mads Nybo Jørgensen on Aug 9, 2010 at 8:35:55 am Avid Media Composer 5, Procoder 3

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