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Introducing our new line up of Videoguys Tech Select HP Z workstations

We’ve had tremendous success over the past year with our Videoguys Tech Select HP Z workstations. In anticipation of re-configuring our systems this year, we waited for HP to certify the latest revs of NVIDIA Quadro cards so we could put them in our new builds. They’re ready! We’ve put together 5 killer workstations that deliver a tremendous combination of performance, reliability and stability for video editors of every level and budget.

Videoguys’ Tech Select HP Workstations are custom-configured by our technicians to hit some great price points and still provide you with a machine that we strongly recommend. HP uses only the best components, and these workstations come optimized for digital content creation. They are easily expandable and upgradable which means you’ll get a longer useful life out of them.

Our approach to these workstations was simple: deliver the highest performing, most balanced solutions we can for each price point. We went back and forth with our team at HP tweaking each build until it met our specifications and target price. It’s all about providing our customers the most bang for the buck!

Additionally, we worked with our tech friends over at Adobe, Avid, Grass Valley and Sony to make sure these systems deliver outstanding results with Premiere Pro, Media Composer, Edius and Vegas Pro.

When configuring a computer for video editing and content creation, we feel the most important thing is balance. The system will only be as strong as its weakest component. Having a single component that is far more powerful than the rest of the configuration is not only a waste of money, it can lead to a less stable and reliable machine. So our custom workstations have CPU, GPU and RAM amounts that optimally support each other.

Before we get into the details of our new custom configurations, I want to highlight two of the most important new features – the new NVIDIA Quadro M-Series cards and the new HP Z Turbo Quad-Pro drive included in our higher end z840 systems.

Chech out the full article and all our new Videoguys Tech Select HP Z Workstations

Posted by: Gary Bettan on Apr 4, 2016 at 12:35:46 pm HP Z Workstations, Videoguys, NLE

G-Technology Evolution Series Workflow – It’s as easy as 1-2-3

Today’s HD and 4K file based workflows require reliable, rugged and high performance video storage wherever you are :

  • In the field & on location

  • Traveling, on the road or in the air

  • In the studio or in the edit bay

  • G-Technology has put together a complete workflow for you utilizing HGST 7200RPM Enterprise class drives the most reliable in the world.

    Step 1 – Copy Your Footage
    Copy your footage from your cameras native media to higher capacity G-Technology G-DRIVE ev RAW or ATC drives while you are still in the field and on the go. You can attach the drives directly to your laptop via USB3 or utilize a G-Technology G-DOCK Thunderbolt G-DOCK solo ordual bay. If you shoot on RED, you can use the new ev Series Reader RED MINI-MAG Edition in a G-DOCK to quickly copy your files. You can also use the G-DOCK to make additional copies for on or offsite backups

    Step 2 – Ingest Your Footage
    Ingest your footage from G-DRIVE ev onto high speed G-SPEED Studio XL ev and G-SPEED Shuttle XL ev 8-bay RAID drives. These attach to your computer via Thunderbolt and come configured with 6 drives and two ev drive bays. The 6 drives can be set up in RAID5 for maximum protection and performance. You can ingest from two ev drives at the same time, or ingest from one ev drive and simultaneously copy to a second one and the RAID 5 at the same time!

    Step 3 – Edit Your Footage
    Edit your footage from your Thunderbolt 2 equipped PC or Mac, Desktop or Laptop running your favorite NLE software! Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, Apple FCPX, Grass Valley Edius, Sony Vegas and DiVinci Resolve are all supported. The Thunderbolt 2 super fast connectivity of G-SPEED Studio XL and G-SPEED Shuttle XL using 6 7200RPM Enterprise class drives set up in a RAID5 configuration lets you edit HD, 2K and even 4K footage!

    Whatever your workflows are, G-Technology and Videoguys have a solution.
    Don’t miss out on this GREAT DEAL

    Buy any G-SPEED Studio XL or Shuttle XL and get 1, 2, 3, or 4 G-DRIVE ev mo...
    This offer is not able to be combined with any other offer. All products must be purchased by April 1, 2016

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Mar 24, 2016 at 1:19:58 pm Storage, G-Technology

    Teradek VidiU Pro is your Must Have Tool for Professional Live Streaming

    Many videographers and companies are now delivering Live Streaming of events, sports, weddings, plays, graduation ceremonies, training sessions, news reporting and promotions. With free or very affordable CDNs like YouTube Live, UStream, Twitch LiveStream, Wowza or any RTMP server you can easily deliver your live content to any number of people, all over the world. All you need is a camera, an encoder and an internet connection.

    But what about when you don’t have a good internet connection? Maybe you are in the middle of a ball field or shooting at an outdoor gazebo behind the chapel or you find yourself in the bleachers of a high school football field for graduation? What if you get to the recital hall or auditorium only to find that there isn’t wired internet and/or the WiFi coverage is sketchy at best? Maybe you arrive at the church only to find that someone changed the IP address for the server or the settings on the firewall?

    What do you do?
    As the saying goes – the show must go on. The Teradek VidiU Pro is the essential tool that solves all these problems and makes sure that you can deliver your live stream as Teradek VidiU Propromised, regardless of the internet connectivity issues the location may hit you with. With Teradek’s latest ShareLink™ technology and VidiU Pro, you guarantee the bandwidth needed to stream your HD content from anywhere, to everywhere. ShareLink lets you use up to 4 iPhones or internet connections to deliver the combined bandwidth you need for Live HD streaming, even with poor cell service.

    How Does it Work?
    bonded-phonesThe ShareLink allows you to achieve maximum bandwidth and ultimate reliability by bonding multiple internet connections from different sources. You can bond up to 4 internet connections into a single connection. Bonding is a technology that broadcasters have been using for years to upload and deliver their content. read the full guide

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Mar 8, 2016 at 9:03:49 am teradek, VidiU

    Tech Update: DIY 11 & System Recommendations for Video Editing

    We’ve published two new articles on our website that we hope Creative COW members will want to read and bookmark. Our latest DIY build is DIY 11 and it is a creaming fast machine capable of 4K work. Our recommended systems page has been updated to include all the latest guidance for buying and configuring a workstation or computer for video editing. Each of the guides now includes a video you can watch for even more information.

    Videoguys’ DIY 11: How to Build an Affordable Editing & Streaming Workstation with Balanced Components for the Best Performance
    For more than 10 years, one of the world’s leading resellers of video editing and production equipment, has been publishing DIY articles as a service to customers. These guides will help you choose the best system components for your non-linear editing workstation.

    Our new tech guy, Scott Smith, has completed our much anticipated new DIY11 build. It’s a screamer! The goal was to put together a top notch NLE & Streaming machine for around $1,500. Scott did the research and the build is complete and tested. Holy smokes! This machine runs lightning fast, the case is whisper quiet and the NLE performance is superb. Great job Scott!

    Videoguys’ System Recommendations for Video Editing
    For almost 20 years we’ve been posting and updating our recommended computer specs for Video editing. Combined with our DIY articles, Videoguys has become the go to resource on the web for this vital information. Of course we also have live people here who are available to answer all your video editing questions and recommend the right gear and software for your needs and budget.

    We get asked all the time, “What computer system should I use for Video Editing?”

    So, we created this page to give you some basic guidelines. Every month computers get more powerful and less expensive, so the recommendations on this page could become outdated very quickly. We will try our best to keep it up to date but if you see something that doesn’t look right or if you’re configuring a system that may be somewhat different please e-mail ( or call the Videoguys at 800-323-2325 and we’d be happy to review your plans. We want to help you make sure you have everything you need to edit and produce great videos.

    Videoguys Tech Select HPz Workstations for Professionals
    Videoguys’ Tech Select HP Workstations are custom-configured by our technicians to hit some great price points and still provide you with a machine that we strongly recommend. HP uses only the best components, and these workstations come optimized for digital content creation. They are easily expandable and upgradable which means you’ll get a longer useful life out of them.

    The new HP z840 is the power users choice, and the best dual Xeon solution on the market. We like the z440 single Xeon machines for professionals who don’t require as much horsepower, but demand the same level of reliability and stability. If you are a power user on a budget, the z640 can be upgraded to a second Xeon processor down the road.

    I hope you find these articles useful.


    Posted by: Gary Bettan on May 20, 2015 at 7:59:57 am NLE Worksations, computers

    Videoguys Tech Select HPz Workstations for Professionals

    Videoguys’ Tech Select HP Workstations are custom-configured by our technicians to hit some great price points and still provide you with a machine that we strongly recommend. HP uses only the best components, and these workstations come optimized for digital content creation. They are easily expandable and upgradable which means you’ll get a longer useful life out of them.

    The new HP z840 is the power users choice, and the best dual Xeon solution on the market. We like the z440 single Xeon machines for professionals who don’t require as much horsepower, but demand the same level of reliability and stability. If you are a power user on a budget, the z640 can be upgraded to a second Xeon processor down the road.

    When it comes to stability, reliability and performance HP workstations set the bar by which all others are judged. They are more expensive then a DIY build, but you get what you pay for. These workstations use the highest quality components and are designed for heavy duty editing environments. If you want the best, HP workstations are up for the test. If you’re building a professional post facility, HP z series workstations are the only way to go!

    Videoguys’ Tech Select machines have all been built for superior performance with Avid, Adobe, Grass Valley EDIUS and Sony Vegas NLE software as well as Sorenson Squeeze desktop encoding software and Telestream Wirecast for live production and streaming.

    Give our tech’s Scott & Eric a call 800-323-2325 for answers to all of your HP workstation questions. They can customize any of these machines with more RAM, better Quadro graphics cards and Xeon processors with more cores. They are here to help guide you into the best possible HP workstation & NLE solution for your budget.

    Check out Videoguys Tech Select HP Z Workstations

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Mar 10, 2015 at 7:18:07 am Workstation, Videoguys

    Black Friday Sales Announced at

    Free Shipping and 5% Off all orders plus a free gift with purchase on orders over $500 now through Cyber Monday

    Glen Cove, NY – has been one of the leading sources for video editing and production equipment for more than 25 years and has built a reputation for having great prices all year round but, like many others, they kick off the holiday shopping season with the best deals of the year. Black Friday has become a holiday shopping tradition in the U.S. and seems to get a little bit longer every year. This year, the Videoguys’ Black Friday specials have already started and will run through Cyber Monday December 1st. These specials include free shipping and a 5% off coupon (code BF2014) on all orders, plus a free gift with orders of $500 or more! partnered with incase to offer a free Portable Power 2500 smartphone power pack – a $49.95 value.

    Gary Bettan, President of said "We will be home with our families from Thanksgiving Day through next Monday but always enjoy putting together these great deals that will be available all weekend. I use my incase Portable Power charger all the time - it's saved the day for me numerous times. It’s our way of giving thanks for our customers.”

    Videoguys Black Friday Specials include:

    • A special edition Sony Vegas Pro Suite + featuring the new HitFilm Pro 3 and other software available for a limited time only
    • $100 off Sorenson Squeeze Standard or Pro or 25% off any Sorenson Squeeze Upgrade
    • 30% off any Boris FX software title including upgrades and Avid programs
    • 30% off select NewBlue FX bundles including the new Filters Ultimate, Stylizers Ultimate and Transitions Ultimate
    • Introductory Special on iZotope Iris 2 plus special Holiday Bundles at new low prices
    • Teradek instant rebates including $500 off Bolt Pro 300 or 600, $250 off any Cube, $500 off any Cubelet bundle and $150 off Teradek Clip
    • 10% off the new Tiffen Dfx 4 programs including the standalone, Photo, Video and new OFX Standard and Pro versions
    • Plus special offers from Avid, Adobe, HP, G-Technology and more

    The sales and promotions run through “Cyber” Monday, December 1st at 11:59pm so there is still an opportunity to speak with a Videoguys sales person prior to placing an order by calling 800-323-2325.

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Nov 26, 2014 at 7:40:30 am Videoguys, BlackFriday

    What Makes the New G-Technology RAIDs w Removable Drives Better?

    The G-RAID® with removable drives includes HGST Ultrastar™ Enterprise-class Hard Drives

    • Enterprise-class HDDs are rated for 24/7 operation in mission critical environments, while desktop grade drives are intended for low impact workloads.
    • Enterprise-class HDDs have Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS), which optimizes them for use in multi-drive environments.
    • Ultrastar™ products are specifically designed, manufactured and tested to meet the demanding environments found in global data centers and enterprises.
    • HGST Ultrastar™ enterprise-class HDDs are the most reliable hard drives available. They have an industryleading 2 million hours Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)1 rating. Other vendor’s 7200 RPM enterprise-class drives offer only 1.2 or 1.4 million hours MTBF ratings, what’s worse, they don’t leverage them in their own retail products, choosing instead to build their products using lower quality desktop-grade drives.

    The G-RAID® with removable drives adds user-configurable RAID settings.

    While the Gen4 and Gen5 versions of the G-RAID® are also hardware RAIDs, they are hardwired in RAID 0 (striping) for performance. The G-RAID® with removable drives ships in RAID 0 (striping), but can also be configured in RAID 1 (mirroring) for data protection or (on Mac only) in JBOD.

    The G-RAID® with removable drives has removable drives.

    It may seem obvious, as it’s in the name, but having removable drives gives you the ability to very easily swap a drive out in the unlikely event of a drive failure. Further, the drive modules used in the G-RAID® with removable drives are the same as those used in the G-RAID® Studio with Thunderbolt™ and the GSPEED ® Studio with Thunderbolt™, so someone using a combination of these products, as long as they are all populated with drives of the same capacity, only needs to purchase one drive module if they want to keep a spare on hand.

    The G-RAID® with removable drives is faster.

    We’ve upgraded the chipset in the new G-RAID® with removable drives to enable faster performance. While the Gen4 and Gen5 versions of the GRAID ® maxed out at transfer speeds of up to 250MB/sec, the 4TB and 8TB capacities of the G-RAID® with removable drives are 20% faster, with transfer speeds of up to 300MB/sec in RAID 0 (striping). The 12TB capacity is even faster, with performance in RAID 0 (striping) of up to 330MB/sec.

    The G-RAID® with removable drives has USB 3.0, FW800, and eSATA.

    With previous versions of the G-RAID®, you could not get USB 3.0 and eSATA on the same unit. If you needed eSATA, you’d have to choose the Gen4 version, and, if you needed USB 3.0, you’d have to choose the Gen5 version. The G-RAID® with removable drives has both of these interfaces, in addition to FW800.

    read more and learn more follow this link


    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Nov 11, 2014 at 6:09:18 am G-Tech, Storage

    Teach Your Children Well, Teach them Avid

    Avid is the NLE tool of choice for Hollywood, Broadcast Television, Film Makers and Post Production facilities. While other NLEs may claim to be used for a few select programs, almost every Oscar and Emmy winning program was cut on an Avid. Being an Avid editor still means something, and if you want your students to have the best real world training and experiences to launch their career, you need to make sure you are teaching them Avid Media composer. I'm not saying it's the only NLE to teach them, I'm saying that if you don't teach them Avid, you are not giving them the best possible chance to be successful. Only Avid offers the collaborative tools and media management required on today's complex productions. Often involving multiple editors and post production creatives working remotely together to create the final product. In these workflows Avid is still King, and with their new announcements of Native 4K support and their new DNxHR CODEC, the future is looking brighter than ever.

    See how Avid helps educators elevate student success

    What does it take for students to realize their full potential? Creative teaching programs, dedicated faculty, and the power of technology. That’s why the world’s leading educators have partnered with Avid to help empower the next generation of artists and media professionals. From Pro Tools to Media Composer, our industry-standard products help students learn real-world skills to maximize their career opportunities

    One of the things that I think has been overlooked this past year with Avid's Everywhere initiative and the new 'flavors' of Media Composer (see our Avid Guide to the new Media Composer |Software for complete details) is how ridiculously affordable Avid is now for students, teachers, educators and Academic institutions. Let's review all the great options Avid has given students and educators:

    Never before has it been so easy and so affordable to get started with Avid. Whether you are a student, teacher or the guy/gal who runs your schools technology department, our knowledgeable sales staff is here to help guide you. We will take the time to make sure you have the computer system in place to handle your HD projects and workflows. We'll also provide you recommendations for upgrades. plug-ins, storage and third party hardware to make your Avid even more efficient and powerful.
    Give us a call 800-323-2325 and let us help you to become an Avid editor or facility!

    Avid Media Composer | Software is the industry’s leading professional film and video editing system.

    Certified by American Cinema Editors (ACE), Media Composer enables educators to help students become proficient with the same tools they’ll use as professional editors. From student films and projects, and on to TV shows, broadcast journalism, commercials, and big-budget films, Media Composer empowers students with the editorial skills and edge they need to jumpstart a successful career.

    Top 7 Reasons to Get Media Composer | Software for Education

    1. Accelerate high-res and file-based workflows
    Get powerful 64-bit performance and experience the “waitless” workflow. Instantly access and edit RED, ARRI ALEXA, QuickTime, ProRes, AVCHD, XDCAM, and other file-based media—without transcoding. Accelerate HD delivery from high-res 2K, 4K, and 5K sources, with full creative control of image framing. Mix and match media formats, frame rates, and more in real time. And get more time to perfect your story by automating media management tasks in the background.

    2. Extend real-time production everywhere
    Sometimes the best talent or cost-effective solution is on the other side of the world. With support for Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay® Sphere) you can edit, share, tag, track, and sync media as it flows through the production process from everywhere in the world.

    3. Get the look you want
    Create stunning visuals using the huge collection of built-in tools and stereoscopic 3D workflows. From effects and transitions, to tools for color correction, motion tracking, keying, compositing, and creating titles, you have everything you need to create and deliver your best stories.

    4. Create and mix sound
    Media Composer offers the most comprehensive audio toolset of any editing software. Create and mix soundtracks in up to 7.1 surround. Polish mixes using the same professional plug-ins that come with Pro Tools®. And integrate workflows directly with Pro Tools mixers

    5. Work the way you want
    Work with a video interface for capture/monitoring or without for on-the-go editing. Tape-based or file-based editing.

    Work individually or extend collaboration everywhere. No matter what you're faced with, Media Composer provides the workflows yuo need.

    6. Edit like a pro on a student budget
    To help empower the next generation of successful editors, college students, educators, and schools can get a significant discount on Media Composer for education. In addition, all Media Composer subscriptions and purchases come with one year of standard Avid Support and software updates/ upgrades to keep you on the cutting edge throughout your studies.

    7. Get the help you need
    Our goal is to help students succeed. That’s why we offer several resources to help you learn and grow in the industry. Accelerate your skills with Avid Training and Certification programs. Get help from our staff and other editors in the Avid forums. And find helpful tips, tutorials, and other great resources across our website.">Read the full guide here, watch the videos and see which Avid Educational products are right for you

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Oct 13, 2014 at 9:34:29 amComments (2) Avid, Media Composer

    Time is running out on this fantastic NewTek TriCaster Trade-Up program

    NewTek TriCaster Trade-Up Special!

    Attention TriCaster Owners: Trade-up to a TriCaster 410, 460 or 860 now and save up to 40% off. Special Expires 8/29/14.

    Your old reliable TriCaster could be worth up to $10,000! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to upgrade your school, house of worship or production studio to the very latest new TriCaster versions with all the newest and most powerful features!

    • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $3,000 Off the TriCaster 410 ...
    • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $5,000 Off the TriCaster 460 ...
    • Trade in any SD TriCaster and get $7,000 Off the TriCaster 860

    • Trade in any older HD TriCaster and get $8,000 Off the TriCaster 460 ...
    • Trade in any older HD TriCaster and get $10,000 Off the TriCaster 860

    How can I trade in my TriCaster?

    Are you still working on an older TriCaster system? If so, we have a “hot” deal for you this summer. From July 1-August 29, 2014, the TriCaster Trade-Up Promo will allow anyone who is not using a current TriCaster system to trade up to the newest models and receive a significant trade-in value for their older system. This is especially appealing if you have a TriCaster SD or TriCaster 300 – but is also a great deal if you are not using a TriCaster 410, 460 or 860.

    As we’ve always maintained, purchasing a TriCaster is a great investment – and now TriCaster owners will get a chance to cash in on your investment with some of the hottest trade-up deals ever – you can receive up to 40% off with your trade-in!

    Why should you trade up?

    Producers can get more views of their content instantly:

    • Media Publishing that allows them to instantly upload to social media networks while they stream, broadcast, or project their show.
    • Second output for additional program (and sponsorship) opportunities from the same production

    Producers can reach new visual heights:

  • 360-degree Holographic LiveSets that bring realistic sets, lighting, reflections, and camera moves to any small production space.

  • Producers can significantly reduce production time, cost, and errors:

    • Multi-format ISO recording that captures every camera and makes post-production 10x faster.
    • PTZ camera control that adds more coverage without spending on more crew.
    • Macros and automation triggered by hand gestures, button pushes or simple apps and devices to make sequences simpler and reduce on-air errors.

    What products qualify for the trade-up?

    SD TriCaster Products

    • TriCaster DUO
    • TriCaster 100
    • TriCaster PRO
    • TriCaster PRO FX
    • TriCaster STUDIO
    • TriCaster BROADCAST

    HD TriCaster Products

    • TriCaster 300
    • TriCaster 450
    • TriCaster 450 EXTREME
    • TriCaster 850
    • TriCaster 850 EXTREME
    • TriCaster 455
    • TriCaster 855

    Follow this link or call 800-323-2325 for the complete NewTek SuperPowers Trade-in offer and pricing!

    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Aug 19, 2014 at 8:02:37 pm NewTek, TriCaster

    Videoguys Summer Update, June 2014

    It's been a very busy year for us. We've seen a ton of new products introduced and we've picked up some new product lines.

    HP Workstations: The creative Pro's choice

    Videoguys now offers HP z workstations! We've worked hard with the folks over at HP to put together some fantastic configurations at super price points. PLUS you can give us a call 800-323-2325 and we can custom configure the perfect Z workstation to meet your video editing and production needs and workflows!

    The creative pro’s choice for performance
    • Industry-leading performance: The HP Z820 offers the latest dual-processors, high-end graphics, and Intel® Thunderbolt™ 2.1
    • Highly configurable: The HP Z Workstation’s tool-less chassis makes it easy to add or replace components when new technologies become available.
    • Reliability that won’t quit: HP Z Workstations come standard with a 3-year onsite limited warranty. If anything goes wrong, we come to you and fix it.
    • Software applications perfected for you: Software optimized specifically for HP Z Workstations including Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, Edius & Vegas Pro.

    We are your Avid Media Composer | Software Experts!

    At NAB2014 Avid announced that editors would now have several choices on how they can purchase Media Composer. Since then it has created some levels of confusion. Videoguys has put together a detailed FAQ with explainer videos to help you better understand your options. This guide is intended as an overview to quickly help you understand the differences.

    If you still have any questions, give us call 800-323-2325 and we'll be happy to review your options and make sure you get the best flavor of Media Composer to fit your budget and needs. Speaking of budgets, if you are an educational facility, you have to look into Avid's 20 & 50 seat floating license packs. This is an incredible way to deploy Avid in several classrooms or labs as needed, while maximizing your investment / budget dollars.

    Videoguys is your source for affordable Streaming Media and Live Production Gear

    Just as we were able to guide and lead the industry when DV, DVD authoring, HDV, Blu-ray, & HD workflows were first introduced, we are here to help you understand the latest advancements and solutions for live event streaming. We have a wide range of affordable solutions available to you, some that require computers & some that don't. For r advanced users, organizations and professionals we offer the Newtk Tricaster line of multi-camera live production and streaming solutions with advanced feature like virtual sets, broadcast quality graphics, and so much more!

    We have also partnered with StreamVu to offer you affordable streaming on a fixed monthly budget. StreamVu is the most dynamic Value Added CDN on the market today. With ease of use technology designed to meet the needs of beginners and broadcast professionals alike the StreamVu service delivers high quality video at scalable, cost effective pricing.

    Sony Vegas 13 is here!

    Vegas Pro 13 is a contemporary NLE designed for complete creative control. The new edition brings major enhancements to the table, including advanced archival tools, sophisticated audio metering, and Vegas Pro Connect – the iPad app that provides an efficient and powerful collaborative review process for clients and team members. Superior performance and intuitive workflows mean spending less time thinking about editing and time more efficiently spent actually doing it.
    • Vegas Pro Edit $299 (does not include DVD Architect, Dolby or other 3rd party software)
    • Vegas Pro 13 $499 (includes DVD Architect Pro 6, Dolby® Digital Professional Encoder, and plug-in collections from FXHOME, NewBlueFX, and iZotope)
    • Vegas Pro 13 crossgrade $299 (for existing NLE owners and for bundling with storage, plug-ins and I/O devices)

    Effortlessly produce and webcast with a Roland VR Series Mixer with Live Streaming Capability

    Whether you are producing worship services, youth events, weddings or concerts, the Roland VR Series allows you to mix video and computer sources together with multi-channel audio sources to create a production that is ready for live event, webcasting or recording via simple USB connection to your Mac or PC. The VR Series AV Mixers are feature rich allowing you to use them as the main mixer or simply use as a webcasting or recording mixer taking feeds from your existing AV production equipment. We offer a range of VR models depending on your church needs and budget.

    Attention Schools, Organizations, Government Agencies, and House of Worship:
    Call us to see if you qualify for a 5% discount on all Roland products!

    Videoguys is your source for Award Winning G-Technology Storage

    G-Technology's roots are deeply ingrained in delivering premium storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the professional content creation market. From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. G-Technology's high-performance portable and desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and fast RAID systems are all built for professional content creation environments where performance and reliability are paramount. Because G-Technology holds itself to the highest standards, its products can be found in premiere post-production facilities worldwide.

    Videoguys not only offers you great prices on the best selling and highest performing G-Tech drives, we've also put together a bunch of bundles with NLE software and plug-ins that give you even greater savings!

    Check out the Videos on our YouTube Channel!

    We've been producing a series of Video Tutorials with Streaming Media Producer that have now been posted on our YouTube Channel. These videos offer you comprehensive introduction to some of the hottest new products. Sponsored by Videoguys each video features an industry expert, giving you an overview of the product and walking you through getting started.

    We've also creating some videos here at the Videoguys home offices. Learn more about our system recommendations for you NLE workstation, picking the best storage for video editing and the various flavors of the new Avid Media Composer.

    Have a great summer.
    Don't forget to use coupon COW5OFF to get 5% off on your next order!


    Posted by: Gary Bettan on Jun 20, 2014 at 11:23:34 amComments (1) videoguys, avid

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