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New team meets Sibelius’ UK community

As part of Avid’s continued commitment to Sibelius and its community, head of development Bobby Lombardi and director of engineering Randy Fayan were in the UK this week to meet with customers, revealing plans for the product, its development and support.


The guys, who were also joined by Sam Butler of Avid’s UK support team at Pinewood, held a series of positive meetings – with Audio Network at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, the Musicians’ Union, Music Producers Guild, British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors and the Music Publishers Association. One key topic discussed was the benefit that would come from closely aligning Sibelius product development with Avid’s successful Pro Tools and Media Composer development teams.


The visit marked the first stage of the new team’s plans to build on the existing relationships with Sibelius’ incredibly passionate UK user community. The team outlined the plans to engage with users more regularly, collect feedback and ensure that the community knows how devoted Avid is to the continued success of the product. Also, they explained the planned investment being made to the Sibelius line of products, as well as the series of upgrades recently announced.


In addition to the UK visit, Avid is also delivering improvements to the Sibelius support structure - from feedback and development ideas from UK customers to becoming more visible and open to discussion through the Sibelius Blogs on Avid Community.


As part of this initiative, the last 12 to 18 months’ worth of blogs from Sibelius blog - the independent site for users of the software - will be added alongside three new guest bloggers, David Tobin, John Hinchey, and Robert Puff. Bobby Lombardi will also be a regular contributor with blogs updated weekly from w/c 15 October with Sibelius, music composition or music notation related news and comment.


Also, there will be an increase in communication on support and development from the Sibelius development team across online communities such as Sibelius Feedback Community (similar to our Pro Tools Feedback Community, on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.


If you have any further questions on Sibelius, please contact Bobby Lombardi, Avid audio product management.


In other Sibelius news, Avid is currently running a promotion on Sibelius 7 upgrades, which are discounted by 25% until 31 December.


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Posted by: Adam Kranitz on Oct 5, 2012 at 10:00:00 pm Sibelius

Dear Sibelius Community

You may have recently read about the sale of M-Audio—Avid’s consumer audio brand—to inMusic. Our press release announcing the news states “Avid will concentrate on core markets where its deep domain expertise, track record of technical innovation, and strong brand offer the greatest opportunity for success.” It’s important to note, music notation software is firmly seated among those areas of concentration at Avid. That’s why the Sibelius brand and product family remains with Avid.

In addition to the M-Audio news, you may have also heard that our office space in Finsbury Park (UK) is being closed down. This office closing is part of Avid’s larger strategic reorganization, and while it does impact members of the Sibelius team, we’d like to stress that this should not in any way be considered a diminishment in our commitment to Sibelius.

We’re very proud of the innovative features found in Sibelius 7 as well as Sibelius First. I’m personally looking forward, as well as our professional audio product & solutions team, to serving your music notation needs, including composition, publishing and music education.

Thank you Sibelius community—you make us great! And it would be great to hear from you. We’re listening, add your feedback as a comment on this blog post, or email us directly at Also, be sure to connect with our Sibelius experts on Facebook as well as our Help Center forums.




Martin Kloiber
VP, Product & Solutions, Audio
Avid Technology, Inc.


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Dear Sibelius Community Republished by Adam Kranitz

Posted by: Adam Kranitz on Jul 6, 2012 at 10:00:00 pm Sibelius

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