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Give Kevin Smith a Stage at NAB – UPDATE

We have found a stage for Kevin Smith at NAB—thanks to the amazing community of indie filmmakers, post production professionals, and the NAB Show. We’re happy to announce that Kevin will be featured during an NAB General Session which is open to all. Join us on Wednesday morning at 9:00 AM in room S222 of the Upper South Hall. All you need to attend is an NAB Exhibit Badge or a SuperMeet badge.


Your feedback posted here on the blog, on Facebook and Twitter made it clear—in addition to the main stage, hearing Kevin speak in his own unique style, at a bigger space was a priority.


We think this is a great opportunity to have Kevin interact with all of you. We’re looking forward to hearing his story with you. See you there!







Give Kevin Smith a Stage at NAB – UPDATE Republished by Adam Kranitz

Posted by: Adam Kranitz on Apr 6, 2011 at 11:00:00 pm Executive UpdatesChristine Viera

Give Kevin Smith a Stage at NAB

There’s been a lot of buzz about Avid at the Las Vegas SuperMeet. We’ve been excited to participate in this great community gathering. And, we lined up the noted indie filmmaker, Kevin Smith, to talk to the FCP user community.


We’re very disappointed to let you know that at the last minute the SuperMeet event organizers cancelled Kevin Smith’s talk.


Many FCP users reached out to say they’re really upset about this and want to hear Kevin speak. We hear you. We thought this was a great opportunity to have Kevin interact with all of you. The good news is Kevin will be speaking at the Avid Booth Tuesday midday, and at some other Avid activities—but attendance is limited. So we’re exploring options to find a bigger space so more of you can hear his story. What do you think? If we book it, will you come?


Let us know. Add your thoughts as a comment on this blog, or join us on Facebook and Twitter.







Give Kevin Smith a Stage at NAB Republished by Adam Kranitz

Posted by: Adam Kranitz on Apr 4, 2011 at 10:17:00 pm Executive UpdatesChristine Viera

All About You

Imagine ► Achieve. Our theme for NAB 2011 gets right to the heart of our goals at Avid. Very simply, it defines the relationship between us and you, our customer. Whatever you can imagine, we can help you achieve.


You wanted better sound, easier collaboration, and more flexibility with your music and audio creation systems. Our response was Pro Tools 9. We heard you wanted a faster, more powerful and efficient film and video editing system. Our response was Media Composer 5.5, offering advanced search tools like PhraseFind, and new third-party hardware options like AJA IO Express, and audio and finishing interoperability features.


Now, we hear you want to get more work done faster and do it more collaboratively. You want to move from technological islands to more integrated, open, and interoperable workflows. You imagine having the ability to access, retrieve, edit, archive, and distribute your content easily over web and mobile. And you want to do it cost effectively.


Here at Avid, what we imagine is a great partnership with you. Our research and development is about what you imagine. It’s about helping you entertain, inform, create and build a more competitive business. In short—it’s about freeing you to do the work you love, and gain the recognition it deserves. That’s what makes us tick.


If you’re with us in Las Vegas, stop by the booth, we’ve got some exciting news. Or, stay tuned to Avid Community for the latest updates from the show.
Look forward to meeting you at the show, and online.







All About You Republished by Adam Kranitz

Posted by: Adam Kranitz on Apr 4, 2011 at 12:00:00 am Executive UpdatesChristine Viera

The media industry is changing fast. Get the insight you need to succeed


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